Iqbal Akhtar

Iqbal Akhtar, Assistant Professor

Email: iakhtar@fiu.edu
Office: DM 359B
Areas of Specialization: Advanced Interpretation of the Quran, Voice of the Prophet, Islamic Faith and Society, Women in Islam, and Islamic Mysticism (Sufism).

Daniel Alvarez

Daniel Alvarez, Interim Program Director

Email: alvarezd@fiu.edu
Office: DM 304A
Areas of Specialization: Protestant Theology, Reformation, Evangelicalism, World Religions

Whitney Bauman

Whitney Bauman, Assistant Professor

Email: wbauman@fiu.edu
Office: DM 301A
Areas of Specialization: Religion and its Relationship with Science

Ferial Maya Boutaghou

Ferial Maya Boutaghou, Assistant Professor

Email: fboutagh@fiu.edu
Office: DM 210
Phone: (305) 348-1201
Areas of Specialization: Arabic Literature, Women and Islam, Muslim Diaspora

Cyra Choudhury

Cyra Choudhury, Professor

Email: Cyra.Choudhury@fiu.edu
Phone: (305) 348-1153
Areas of Specialization: Postcolonial Theory, Critical Theory, International Law, and Law in Islamic Societies

Shlomi Dinar

Shlomi Dinar, Associate Dean, Green School of Intl. and Public Affairs

Email: Shlomi.Dinar@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 526
Phone: (305) 348-6958
Areas of Specialization: International Environmental Politics, Non-traditional Security Studies, Conflict Resolution and International Negotiation.

Caroline Faria

Caroline Faria, Assistant Professor

Email: cvfaria@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 308
Phone: (305) 348-7555
Areas of Specialization: Feminist Political Geography, Gender and Nationalism, Qualitative Methods, Sudan and the Sudanese diaspora.

Joel Heinen

Joel Heinen, Professor

Email: heinenj@fiu.edu
Office: ECS 345
Phone: (305) 348-3732
Areas of Specialization: Conservation Biology and Policy, Terrestrial Vertebrate Ecology, Environment in Central Asia

Erik Larson

Erik Larson, Associate Professor

Email: larsone@fiu.edu
Office: DM303
Areas of Specialization: New Testament, Christian Origins, Ancient Judaism, Dead Sea Scrolls, the Middle East, Interfaith Dialogue

Eric Lob

Eric Lob, Assistant Professor

Email: elob@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 401
Areas of Specialization: Comparative Politics, International Relations, Middle East and Development Studies with a focus on Iran, Lebanon, and Syria.

Qing Lai

Qing Lai, Assistant Professor of Sociology

Email: qlai@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 313
Areas of Specialization: Chinese Muslim society, social demography, social stratification, sociology of development

Assefa Melesse

Assefa Melesse, Associate Professor

Email: melessea@fiu.edu
Office: ECS 339
Phone: (305) 348-6518
Areas of Specialization: Spatially distributed hydrologic modeling, ecohydrology, surface and groundwater interaction modeling, climate change impact studies, water-energy-carbon fluxes coupling and modeling, remote sensing hydrology, land cover change detection and scaling, Environment, the Middle East, and Africa.

Mohiaddin Mesbahi

Mohiaddin Mesbahi, Associate Professor

Email: mesbahim@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 435
Phone: (305) 348-1857
Areas of Specialization: Islam and Politics, National Security and Strategic Studies, Soviet/Russian Foreign Policy, International Relations of Central Asia.

Asher Milbauer

Asher Milbauer, Professor

Office: DM 460
Phone: (305) 348-2259
Area of Specialization: 20th Century English and American Literature; Exile Literature; Eastern European Literature; Jewish Literature (both in Yiddish and Hebrew); Literature and Society; Literature of the Holocaust.

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm

Fernando Miralles-Wilhelm, Associate Professor

E-mail: miralles@fiu.edu
Office: BBC, ACI-331
Phone: (305) 348-3653

Tudor Parfitt

Tudor Parfitt, Distinguished Professor

Email: tparfitt@fiu.edu
Office: DM 369
Areas of Specialization: The periphery of the Jewish world, Judaising movements, Muslim-Jewish Relations, the Jews of the Yemen, Jews of the Muslim world, the Sephardi World, Conversos, Jews in Africa and the Americas.

Terrence Peterson

Terrence Peterson, Assistant Professor

Email: tpeterso@fiu.edu
Office: DM 390
Areas of Specialization: North Africa, Islam in Europe

Seema Pissaris

Seema Pissaris, Clinical Professor of Entrepreneurship

Email: spissari@fiu.edu
Office: RB 310
Phone: (305) 348-2794
Areas of Specialization: Corporate Strategy, Entrepreneurship and Family Business, Executive Compensation, Leadership, Social Entrepreneurship, Strategic Management of Non-Profit Organizations.

Harry Rhea

Harry Rhea, Assistant Professor

Email: harry.rhea@fiu.edu
Office: VH 242
Phone: (305) 348-4892
Areas of Specialization: International Criminal Justice, Comparative Criminal Justice, International Humanitarian Law, Human Rights Law.

Reza Sanati

Reza Sanati, Ph.D candidate

Email: rsana002@fiu.edu
Areas of Specialization: Energy Security, Iranian Foreign Policy, Political Islam, U.S. Middle Eastern Foreign Policy.

Benjamin Smith

Benjamin Smith, Assistant Professor

Email: Benjamin.Smith@fiu.edu
Office: SIPA 305
Phone: (305) 348-2074
Areas of Specialization: Landscape, Cultural Economy, Middle East, Urban Geography.

Oren Stier

Oren Stier, Professor

Email: stiero@fiu.edu
Areas of Specialization: Judaic Studies, Religion and Culture

Ryan Stoa

Ryan Stoa, Deputy Program Director

Email: rstoa@fiu.edu
Phone: (305) 919-4118

Hannibal Travis

Hannibal Travis, Associate Professor

Email: travish@fiu.edu
Phone: (305) 348-8371