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Muslims and Islamophobia: Taking back the narrative


Mohamed Ghumrawi, Ph.D. student in International Relations, discusses why it is so important for scholars, intellectuals and ordinary Muslims to push back against rhetoric and initiate a discourse about Islam based on objective data and accurate facts.

Religious scholar Reza Aslan: Confront Islamophobia, overcome fear


To share ways to confront Islamophobia in the United States and abroad, religious scholar and former CNN commentator Reza Aslan visited FIU as part of the sixth Geopolitical Summit – one of the university’s signature events featuring distinguished intellectuals discussing some of the most pressing current topics.

Senior Fellow Saif Ishoof reflects on Muhammad Ali's legacy


Saif Ishoof, a senior fellow at the Green School, published a personal reflection on Muhammad Ali in the Miami Herald on the one-year anniversary of his passing. Ishoof, FIU's VP of Engagement, reflects on Ali's enduring legacy to choose love and understanding over fear. He writes: "The Champ’s belief in the power of service lives on in his own words: Service to others is the rent you pay for your room here on Earth.”

Upcoming Events

From Huntington to Trump 25 Years of the “Clash of Civilizations”

04/27/2018 05:00 PM

How can we best understand and account for the “clash of civilizations” in both international relations and selected countries? Most analyses of this topic starts from Samuel Huntington’s treatises in the early to mid 1990s. In the 25 years since then, the “clash of civilizations” has been a hot topic, particularly at the United Nations. Lecture by Jeffrey Haynes, London Metropolitan University

Islam 101: Exploring Islamic Mysticism

05/03/2018 07:00 PM

Islamic mysticism, also known as Sufism, is a part of Islam that believes in the interconnected nature of all beings. Join us for a journey into the beautiful history of Islam and how the Islamic faith has contributed to tolerance, understanding and peace for centuries. Lecture by Dr. Carlos Grenier, Department of Religious Studies

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